Isabelle Merlet
Galerie-atelier Rue Fouque
04360 Moustiers-Sainte-Marie
Haute-Provence – France
+33(0)492 74 64 64
Gsm +33(0)683 55 81 13

Isabelle Merlet comes from and old Provencal family, the Clappiers, settled and very involved in the life and community of Moustiers Sainte Marie. As a Parisian, it was only natural that she came to spend her vacations in Moustiers, in the family château of Ségriès. A graduate of the prestigious graphic art school, the “Penninghen Académie Julian”, located in Paris on the rue du Dragon, she diligently attended the studios in Paris, those in Montparnasse and Place des Vosges in particular, studios where she later secured a teaching position. In 1999, she leaves the capital city to settle permanently in Moustiers and to the paint the landscape of her childhood.